Quick Link: JavaScript Tetris

On a dare, Dustin Diaz built Tetris using the Yahoo library. Seriously sweet. And when you're done there, cook up a little Bunny Hunt by the Man in Blue, Cameron Adams.

Published May 16, 2006 · Updated September 14, 2006
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Short URL: https://snook.ca/s/596


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baldo said on May 18, 2006

the bunny game is better :)

Dustin Diaz said on May 20, 2006

> The bunny game was better
Nu uh.

Dogidoll said on April 30, 2007

tetris is classics already. Like pacman :-)

audio home

worm said on May 03, 2007

have ever played gagboy? like tetris but more hmmmm....amusing

James said on May 11, 2007

This game rosks! Thanks a lot!

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