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Treehouse has released its first issue! Treehouse is a PDF-based web development magazine put together by the fantastic team at Particletree.

There are interviews with Jason Santa Maria, Shaun Inman, and Paul Scrivens along with content from Jeremy Keith, John Zeratsky, yours truly, and the members of Particletree. This first issue is free so be sure to check it out.

Published October 03, 2005 · Updated October 03, 2005
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Anon said on October 03, 2005

Wow, great! Thanks for the heads up. I've already downloaded the 1st issue.

Francis said on October 04, 2005

Just seen this on Jeremy Keith's site and he's none too pleased with the editing job. I've downloaded a copy, but am already wary of it. Not a good start.

Chris Mewhort said on October 04, 2005

I just read Jeremy's post, and from how he puts it I can agree with him. He's in every right to be upset. Whether the editing was really that bad is another story, but he was asked to write an article so they should have run editing by him before it was published. Now it's out and he had no choice to save face.

Regardless I downloaded it and I can't wait to read it.

Jeremy Keith said on October 04, 2005

The guys over at Particletree took my whining to heart: they've re-released the PDF without the edits I objected to.

Any snafus and fubars left in the article are entirely my own.

Jonathan Snook said on October 04, 2005

My article had some last minute changes from the editors but I attributed it to my tardiness as opposed to anything else. And the edits to mine were pretty much in line with my thinking so I certainly didn't object.

Ryan Campbell said on October 04, 2005

This is something we hope to learn from. We spoke with Jeremy and he was kind enough to accept our apology. Other than Jeremy, we had consistent dialogue with each contributor. Unfortunately, we screwed up and never opened that channel with Jeremy. It is a situation where we were in the wrong, and Jeremy had every right to be upset. We are working on ways to ensure this never happens again, so that we can focus on publishing excellent content.

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