Contributing to InsideRIA

O'Reilly and Adobe have teamed up to develop a blog focused on Rich Internet Applications (RIA). It's aptly titled InsideRIA.

RIA is a term that Macromedia came up with a few years ago to describe web-based applications with the power and features of a desktop application. We've certainly seen RIAs become very popular over the last few years and technologies like Adobe AIR continue to blur the line between the desktop and the web.

My name got passed to Rich Tretola, who is leading up this effort. I suspect my name got thrown into the ring because of my work with Adobe AIR. However, I'd like to think that my experience in building complex interfaces on the web (and having done so for a number of years) will give me plenty to talk about.

I'm also proud to see fellow Ottawans, Tony MacDonell and Gabor Vida, contributing. Both work at Teknision which has a history of building some cool sites. (I'll let it slide that I passed my resume on to them a number of years back and never got a call.)

They, along with the rest of the crew — Raymond Camden, Rich Tretola, Andre Charland, David Tucker, and Andrew Trice — will be talking on all sorts of RIA topics such as Ajax, AIR, Flash, and Flex.

I've posted my first article, "Am I rich?"

Published January 21, 2008
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Grant Palin said on January 21, 2008

Sounds cool. I'm subscribed!

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