Feeling nostalgic

After reading an interesting post about Another World (a great game from a few years back) on Binary Bonsai, I took a look at his about page. What caught my eye was his first "logged" entry on the Internet going back to 1996. So, being curious, I checked to see my earliest record and it goes all the way back to January 1994. Wow, two more months it will have been 12 years since that post. Don't I feel old now...

To feel just a little older, I used to be in the BBS scene. I even did ANSi art for awhile (yeah, the cool kids spell it with a lower case i). Unfortunately, I've lost all my stuff from back then. I did a search for my pseudynom at the time, The Kind King (don't ask), and was surprised to find an entry in Wikipedia. How wierd is that?

Anybody else feeling nostalgic?

Published November 13, 2005 · Updated September 14, 2006
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Zach Inglis said on November 13, 2005

Oh how I loved Another World. And Flashback too!

I've only been on the web for about 8 years myself. :)

Michael Heilemann said on November 14, 2005

Glad I could help stir up memories of yonder. I myself was a BBS'er and did some ANSI and ASCII art, though regretably all of my stuff is also gone :(

Ben Kennedy said on November 14, 2005

Yep, me too...

My first access to the internet was via an insecure dial-up provided by a local crown corporation for its employees. There was an open telnet gateway, presumably intended for local login to machines on their WAN, but which worked for the general internet as well. Must have been around '92 or '93.

I ran my share of BBS's too; in fact, the last incarnation is still perfectly frozen in time on the 105 MB hard disk of my Amiga 500 which is still collecting dust. One day I just decided to turn it off.

Brent Wilcox said on November 14, 2005

Captain Willy remembers The Kind King - Much more kind than The Jester ever was :>

Frank Manno said on November 21, 2005

Hehehe, freaky! As I was reading the post, all those memories started coming back.

Here's the even freakier part: I too designed some ANSi art for KFMF. I did one of the FILE_ID.DIZ (remember those?!) designs that they used for a while, though I can't seem to find it anywhere.

Those were the days... Sitting on those 14.4k modems leeching away! hehe...

Nice post, Jonathan!

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