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Marko of has something pretty interesting going on. The site is becoming the Stylegala of the interview world with interviews of web personalities from around the world. And he's smart in asking each interviewee what they like or don't like about the site. What a perfect way to illicitelicit feedback from quality designers (myself excluded). In fact, if you could change one thing about, what would it be?

If you feel like getting to know a little about me, take a read through my interview.

Published November 21, 2005 · Updated September 14, 2006
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Marko said on November 21, 2005

Thank you very much Jonathan.heh your question on well I'd change the #99CC00 with #00BEE3 so it will look like hmm maybe like mcville board :) heh - Great job m8 cheers!

Rod said on November 21, 2005

I love the latest design of your site, Jonathan. As a web developer I am usually very picky, but the reason I keep coming back here is becuase the site is so well designed. Keep up the good work.

Frank Manno said on November 21, 2005

Nice interview, Jonathan. Nice to put a face to a fellow-Canadian's name!

Tim said on November 21, 2005

I would add another color to complement your green... orange comes to my mind, but I'm not well-known for my wonderful color tastes !
Otherwise, your site looks great !

Bernie Zimmermann said on November 21, 2005

I'd have to agree with Rod on this one. I think you've done an excellent job with your site, and you always seem to keep it looking fresh.

If it ain't broke, don't try to fix it!

Marko said on November 22, 2005

heh thanks Rod! The great re-design is comming in 2006 ;) you'll be amazed ! ;)

A horse with no name said on November 24, 2005

your design is distinctive so keep it.

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