A Flickr browser built on Adobe AIR.

Snoto Photo

Snoto Photo is a desktop application for browsing your recent photos as well as the recent photos of others. You can also do a slideshow of the photos.

This is a demo application designed to make it easy for those looking to learn more about Adobe AIR. The source code should hopefully be self-explanatory.


In its current incarnation, it's fairly straightforward: the app loads your recent photos. You can view your contacts and load any of their photos, as well. Click on "View as Slideshow" and a slideshow will start using the photos currently in the thumbnail view. Click on the "Full Screen" button and you will see a full screen mode which you can press Esc to exit.

When viewing the large version of a photo, right-click on an image and you can "Set as Background".

How it was built

Snoto Photo is built using Adobe AIR, Mootools, and the Flickr API.

There are a number of classes: App, ApplicationUser, Dialog, Flickr, FlickrImage, and Slideshow.

Source Code

Snoto Photo Source Code

If you have any further questions, feel free to get in contact.

This project has been released under a Creative Commons license