Adobe Air

HTML in a Flash World

08 Jul 2009

Last night, I had the pleasure of presenting a short little session on HTML development within Adobe AIR and what the perks and pitfalls were. The feedback I got afterwards was very positive and I hope everybody there got something out of it. As promised, I'm providing the slides in both PDF or Keynote. Here are the resources that I talked about and have linked to in the slides: Adobe AIR ...

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Snape Basic

30 May 2008

Sometimes inspiration strikes when you don't even expect it. While at the @media conference, I was discussing the benefits of Adobe AIR and when it might be advantageous to use it. Certainly not every site or web application requires a desktop component. Sites that have a level of stickiness — sites that you never close the window Muxtape. *bing* goes the light bulb. Why not ma...

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Adobe AIR Resources for the Ajax Developer

15 Apr 2008

I've been doing a fair amount of writing and developing with Adobe AIR over the past few months and just thought I'd take a moment to wrap up some of the resources I've put together. These resources are mainly for the Ajax developer, since that's what I like to develop with. It doesn't get as much air time (pardon the pun) as using Flex or Flash. Christmas is in the AIR Written for la...

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Snoto Photo

29 Feb 2008

In my tradition of coming up with application names that start with "sn", I introduce to you, Snoto Photo. Snoto Photo is a Flickr application built on Adobe AIR using Mootools. It loads up your latest photos, allowing you to view larger versions of them, do a slideshow, or load up the photos from any of your contacts. The goal of this is not to create a Flickr client that "does ...

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Snitter for AIR 1.0

25 Feb 2008

Unfortunately, I haven't had much time to work on Snitter the past few weeks but with the relase of Adobe AIR 1.0 today, I've pushed live a new version that'll work. Head on over and check it out if you haven't already. Snitter started out as a hobby project, done in my spare time, which has made it hard to respond to bug reports, feature requests, and other general help requests. It sucks as ple...

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Hacking in International Keyboard Support in AIR beta 2

01 Nov 2007

Sometimes you have to get crazy to pull something off. This is one of those times. I'm putting this together to share with other developers but also to demonstrate just how hackish I can get. What's the problem? Adobe AIR beta 2 has a bug where only the US keyboard layout is recognized within the HTML control. To go back a little further, AIR is essentially a Flash-based runtime that lets you ...

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Snitter on AIR Beta 2

09 Oct 2007

A week ago, Adobe released a new version of the AIR runtime. Shortly thereafter, I released a new version of Snitter, my Twitter client that I built on top of the runtime. Since then, I've been adding in a bunch of new features, bug fixes and tweaks. Dan Rubin did the design on the new Snitter version and it's been very well received. That, along with themes, has proven to be very welcome additi...

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Adobe AIR and HTML

06 Sep 2007

Adobe AIR is currently in beta (with a second beta version rumoured to be released in October) and I thought it a good time to take a deeper look into things and see how easy it would be to develop an application with it. To do so, I decided to build Snitter. Building for the web and desktop My original goal was to build an application that could work well on the web and as a desktop applicati...

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Snitter Alpha

04 Sep 2007

Snitter is "Snook's Twitter": an Adobe AIR-powered application for twittering. If you haven't heard of Twitter, they are the bastards who beat me in the Blog category of last years SXSW Web Awards fine folks who build an interesting little app best described as 'micro-blogging'. Twitter allows you to send messages of up to 140 characters. You can follow what other people are doing and th...

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