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Sometimes inspiration strikes when you don't even expect it. While at the @media conference, I was discussing the benefits of Adobe AIR and when it might be advantageous to use it. Certainly not every site or web application requires a desktop component. Sites that have a level of stickiness — sites that you never close the window Muxtape.

*bing* goes the light bulb.

Why not make an AIR application for Muxtape? So here it is. This is a really basic prototype that simply allows you to type in a name of a muxtape and it'll load it in an iframe. The name of a muxtape is the part before the domain. For example, with, you'd just type notasausage and then click load.

Don't click on the links in the header as they'll load in the main window. (This is a really rough prototype!)

Feel free to take the idea and build something truly cool — like grab the RSS feed and build a custom player.

And why Snape? It's Snook's Muxtape, of course!

Download Snape Basic AIR file.

Published May 30, 2008
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Dan Rubin said on May 30, 2008

Damn Jon, you mentioned this to me at dinner, and by the time I get back to my hotel you've not only built a prototype but blogged it and released it :)

I think the ability to switch between a list of muxtapes and even auto-switch consecutively (or randomly) while playing would rock. Maybe someone will add that in?

Josh Lee said on May 30, 2008

way to go, harness mux and turn it into something badace.
Gonna be using this for awhile now.

Geoff said on May 30, 2008

Basic it might be, but I like it!

Peter Butler said on May 31, 2008

Brilliant, I've been a fan of your site for a long while now and following with interest the work you have been doing with Adobe Air. I think it's still one of those technologies waiting for its first Killer App to come along and make it take off big time, and at the rate you are going, it could well be you that finds its.

Loved this app, basic or not it does the job and keep up the good work.

Andrew Kumar said on May 31, 2008

this is awesome!

Noel Jackson said on May 31, 2008

Awesome! I really wish muxtape had an API so I could actually upload stuff, more than one file at a time (through an air app like yours). I sent Justin an email, but he didn't seem to respond. Hopefully this app will show him how much interest there is in getting some real use out of the app.

Mika said on May 31, 2008

Big respect for having Émilie Simon and Mandalay on your tape!

Andrew Kumar said on May 31, 2008

Another alternative (for mac users) would be:

Jonathan Snook said on June 02, 2008

Just came across this via @kneath: another AIR-based app done using Flex called Muxmaster.

Claudia said on June 04, 2008

Hi, first of all, congrats for the blog, really nice! (This live preview is genious! I'm writing and looking at it! kkkk)

About this post: I believe Adobe AIR is the future. It's not the Web. It's not the OS. It's all of them together =)

Bye and sorry about the english!

Jonic said on June 07, 2008

Nice work... The biggest reason I haven't gotten into Muxtape is because I don't want to keep a tab open for it the whole time. This is just what I've been looking for :)

Is there anywhere to report bugs/weirdness yet? I'm getting completely garbled text in the app... You want I should mail a screenshot?

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