Deploying an 11ty Site to GitHub Pages

06 Jan 2019

I am building a new personal site. The idea behind it is pretty simple: it’s a blog that will have a total of 50 pages added to it over 5 years. Not much content and not much complexity. I debated about just coding the entire site by hand, each and every page. But this seemed like an opportunity to try a static site generator. The last static site generator I used was MovableType back befor...

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Password Protecting Admin Functions in CakePHP

29 Jan 2008

I just wanted to document this for easy future reference but if you don't want to hook up a complex user adminstration with authorization components, you can simply specify that the admin path be password protected in either your .htaccess file or in your httpd.conf. Many thanks to Dragos. (This actually applies to password protecting any folder and not specific to CakePHP, I just happen to be u...

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Hosted Subversion

20 Apr 2007

In setting up a dedicated server for a client, I was looking into setting up a Subversion repository. For those not familiar with Subversion, it is a version control system. Basically you check files in and out of a repository (repo) and it'll keep track of all the changes that have been made. Any quality software development process should include some form of versioning. Mine to date has merely...

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Encoding Accented Characters in E-mail Subjects

30 Mar 2005

To send an e-mail where the subject contains accented characters, encode the string like so: Bonne id?e ...becomes... =?iso-8859-1?q?Bonne id=E9e?= The string starts with =?iso-8859-1?q? and ends with ?=. Then every character to be encoded starts with the = and the hex value for that character. I don't recall ever having run into this problem before but this solution works. If you know of anothe...

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Empty Location header can cause unpredictable behaviour

26 Jan 2005

If you specify a blank location HTTP header then you can expect different behaviour between browsers. Take the following PHP code for example: header( "Location: " ); In Internet Explorer, a blank location will redirect the user to the root of the current folder ("./"). In Firefox, the user is not redirected at all. ASP is a little smarter in that Response.Redirect("") will give you an error m...

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Setting Disk Quotas for User Profiles on Windows Server

10 Jan 2005

Windows 2000 Server, and I imagine other versions of it, allow you to set disk quotas on an entire drive. You can even set different limits for different users. Unfortunately, you can't set limits on just one folder of a drive. To create monitoring on a specific folder, I put together a Windows Scripting Host file which will scan each folder and find out the size. If it's larger than the quota a...

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Scripting DNS Entries using VBScript

03 Aug 2004

Refer to this article on Requires a COM object to be installed. ...

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htAccess Generator

23 Jul 2004

Bookmarked: htAccess Generater [sic] ...

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Custom 404

08 Jun 2004

Setting up a custom 404 page is super easy in both Apache and IIS and is highly recommended. It helps keep your branding consistent even when an error occurs -- some ISPs will display their info when an error occurs. Plus, it allows you to display information that could be more helpful in letting your users find what they were looking for such as links to common sections or a search field. ...

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