Eleventy SMACSS

Twelve years ago, I wrote a book and built a website for it. I built it using CakePHP—my framework of preference at the time—and set up a Linode slice to host it.

It served me well at the time but these days, the book is an historical artifact. I didn’t need to keep paying for a server that was barely being used.

I tried to move it over to the server that hosts Snook.ca but different versions of Ubuntu and PHP meant needing to upgrade the version of CakePHP which would likely mean needing to rewrite chunks of the site itself. This was more work than I really wanted to put in for something that no longer needed to be dynamic.

Instead, I ported over all the content to an 11ty build and created a repo on GitHub. This meant that I was able to use GitHub Pages to host the site for free. I shut down the Linode slice and saved myself $30 a month.

While I’m not a stickler for preservation, it feels good to have this relic preserved—even if it’s mostly outdated.

Published July 24, 2023
Categorized as Servers
Short URL: https://snook.ca/s/1173