The Art and Science of CSS

The cover of the Art and Science of CSSI have been keeping this under wraps but no longer: The Art & Science of CSS is out! I first got a peek at the book when the Sitepoint folks were at SXSW and it looks really nice. Luckily, I now have my own copy which I promptly pull out whenever someone comes over to the house. I also make sure to walk around the house with my pipe and smoking jacket saying "indubitably" quite frequently. Yes, that's what us authors do. *ahem*

The book is a full-color in-depth look at various topics of CSS web development like working with headings, doing an image gallery, using background images, styling up navigation six ways from Sunday, handling form design, having fun with rounded corners and finally, doing it with tables.

The Art & Science of CSS is not a how-to on learning CSS. There's an assumption that you already understand the CSS syntax. It's more like a recipe book, covering specific ways to cook up some delightful sites.

I took on the tables chapter while Steve Smith, Cameron Adams, David Johnson and Jina Bolton took on the rest. I think it was a little unfair of Jina to send in a professional photo. It made the rest of us look bad! Or maybe that's just me.

Pick up your copy today from Amazon.

Published April 16, 2007
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Jina Bolton said on April 16, 2007

That wasn't a professional photo, a friend of mine took it!

Well... the guy does professional-looking work, and I consider him very professional... but this was a photo for his portfolio, and it wasn't paid for. :)

Jonathan Snook said on April 16, 2007

@Jina: you can spin it all you like! ;)

Andrew Dupont said on April 16, 2007

Jon, the entire readership — and the entire Flickr community — wants to see a photo of you wearing a smoking jacket and smoking a pipe. Don't disappoint us.

Kilian Valkhof said on April 17, 2007

I think I second Andrew's demand!

also, I am seriously considering buying this book :)

Jason Leveille said on April 17, 2007

Love how Amazon has your name as Jonathan Snooks.

Regardless, I've added the book to my wish list. Way to go. Indubitably delicious.

Teevio said on April 17, 2007


Nate K said on April 17, 2007

Apparently Sitepoint agrees that her picture looks better. Looking at their website, they nicely placed her picture over all of the other author's pictures. ha.


I must admit, the mental picture from your first paragraph was quite humorous.

I've said it before, but i'll say it again here - this book was an excellent 'cookbook' for those looking for proper solutions to many of the somewhat 'mundane' tasks of web developers.

Nice work!

Jonathan E said on April 17, 2007

Congrats Jonathan! It's been added to my wish list.

I think I'll have to second Andrew's comment though ;)

Jermayn Parker said on April 17, 2007

Yeah its added to my wish list as well. I need to start buying some of these books I think.

Would there be sample chapters on sitepoint for us to read and see if its worth getting like the others??

Jonathan Snook said on April 17, 2007

@Andrew, et al: Maybe one day I'll upload that photo. ;)

@Jermayn: Sitepoint will have a sample chapter up at some point. It's just not there yet. They haven't been heavily pushing this book right now as they've been busy promoting The Principles of Beautiful Web Design. Once sales settle down on that one, they'll move to promoting this book.

chip said on April 18, 2007

The book is actually a pretty good read for a "techie" book, and I found the examples to be real life applicable. Excellent work Jon.

All the best

BillyG said on April 18, 2007

Dude, you may wanna fix that book link...

Congrats though.

nice, original comment system too

Jonathan Snook said on April 18, 2007

@BillyG: fix it how? What are you running into?

Jermayn Parker said on April 18, 2007

@Jonathan: Thanks for that bit of information, I have actually just downloaded the sample chapters of the Beautiful Web Design book as everyone seems to be giving it praise.

Is there any way of knowing when your sample chapters will be available?

bryanl said on April 19, 2007

This was a great book. I know you didn't write it, but the part on forms was really good.

Luke said on April 25, 2007

Looks like Amazon is not the only one having a problem. Sitepoint didn't misspell your name, but they pointed your picture at the bottom of this page:
to instead of :)

Jermayn Parker said on August 14, 2007

Just thought I would let you know that I have brought this book (and Beautiful Web Design) from Sitepoint and should be getting it in my hands in the next day or two...

I will let you know what I think when finished reading and looking at it :)

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