50 by 50 for 2018

2018 comes to a close with a formidable first year of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants. Only one North American restaurant remains: Blue Hill at Stone Barns.

Tackling the North American restaurants was an “easy” way to kick off this challenge. The rest of the list may prove more difficult, needing more time to travel farther to reach the other restaurants on the list.

One technique is to “marathon” a bunch of restaurants in close proximity to each other in succession. A trip to New York City, for example, a mere hour-long flight away, resulted in three restaurants in three nights. Trips to Copenhagen and Mexico City included two restaurants each.

We’ll continue this approach to some extent in 2019. A trip to Nottingham in January will include a stopover in London to take in four restaurants from the list!

Following this approach, trips to just three cities—Lima, Paris, and Tokyo—would include 11 restaurants. This plus the trip to London would put me at the halfway mark of the 50 restaurant challenge. No plans yet on when I’ll get to any of these places.

The remaining 25 will require more coordination. Spending the summer driving the European countryside in search of food doesn’t sound so bad. Or, if you’re putting on a conference in any of these cities, you should invite me! wink wink

I raise a glass to 2019 and the food adventures to come!

Reviews from this year:

  1. Saison
  2. Cosme
  3. Eleven Madison Park
  4. Le Bernardin
  5. Alinea
  6. Geranium
  7. Relae
  8. Quintonil
  9. Pujol
Published December 13, 2018
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